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BCN Talent Gap Baseline Survey

Bermuda Captive Network is working on creating an Internship Framework – Tool Kit that will involve collaboration with both Bermuda College, BFIS and several Risk Management Programs at various Colleges in the US / Canada and Europe.   Please click on this LINK to take this survey which has been designed using the Survey Monkey tool. …
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AV attending 2022 Bermuda Captive Conference

Andrew Vaucrosson’s consulting period with BCN comes to an end.

Formed in February 2022, The Bermuda Captive Network (BCN) emerged from the synthesis of the former Bermuda Insurance Management Association, the Bermuda Captive Owners Association and the Bermuda Captive Conference and serves as a membership-focused organization providing education, business development and effective representation for Bermuda’s captive and managed insurance industry. During the past 18-month growth…
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“Captive Sustainable Solutions”, article appears in the 2023-24 Bermuda Business Review magazine.

The Bermuda Business Review 2023 ~ 2024 − published by the Times Group in association with the Bermuda Business Development Agency (BDA) and launched at the 2023 Bermuda Climate Summit – provides insights into the ongoing transformation of Bermuda’s business landscape focused on the key pillars underpinning its highly successful international business activities. The Review…
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BCIB report states how captive companies have continued to outperform their U.S. commercial casualty peers

A new report has delivered further evidence of the efficacy of captive insurance, outlining how their use in Bermuda and two Caribbean countries saved their corporate owners demonstrably on insurance costs, when compared to use of commercial insurance. They delivered far better underwriting results and return on revenue, according to the report published by AM…
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Q&A: The key role of captives in ESG commitments

Zurich NA on how captives can play a role in executing environmental, social and governance initiatives. As environmental, social and governance (ESG) initiatives have moved up the agenda at many companies, there’s growing interest in whether captives can play a role in successfully executing on those objectives. We sat down with Adriana Scherzinger, head of…
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Celebrating 60 years of innovations by Bermuda’s captives’ sector

This digital presentation by Captive International showcases why Bermuda is an established premiere jurisdiction for captive management. Go to link to view: Cover – 60 Years of Captives in Bermuda (
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