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BCN Talent Gap Baseline Survey

Bermuda Captive Network is working on creating an Internship Framework – Tool Kit that will involve collaboration with both Bermuda College, BFIS and several Risk Management Programs at various Colleges in the US / Canada and Europe.   Please click on this LINK to take this survey which has been designed using the Survey Monkey tool. …


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Captives as an ESG tool

Captives can be used to address environmental, social and corporate governance (ESG) issues in the insurance market.   The final session of the 2022 Bermuda ...
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Captives still face LatAm barriers

Latin America remains an emerging area for the captive insurance market, attendees heard at the Bermuda Captive Conference.  A panel discussion at the conference pointed ...
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Bermuda Captive Conference returns with a bang

The 2022 Bermuda Captive Conference has gotten off to a great start, said Helen Souza, business development manager at the Bermuda Business Development Agency. This ...
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Fronting partnerships with captives 

The recent boom in new captives could lead to lasting partnerships with fronting companies that fill a very real and specific need on Bermuda.  According ...
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Bermuda captives can benefit from emerging risks

Bermuda is in a unique place to benefit from the challenges of the post-COVID-19 world, as new risks emerge and make the industry think about ...
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